Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd. defines the operating strategy and the developing direction as follows:

  MARKETING STRATEGY: Making innovations in technology, strengthening administration as a foundation.

  MARKETING DIRECTION: Taking pyrethroids as feature, pesticides as dominance, chlorine and alkali as foundation, to develop fine products.

  Great progress in technology are made and remarkable achievements are gained. The Group adopt new technologies in producing pyrethroids. The quality of esbiothrin and prallethrin has achieved advanced international level.

  Big progress are made in developing high-effective pesticides of new types. Industrial production has been realized in producing imidacloprid and acetarniprid. The quality level of dicofol is close to the standards of FAO. The first-class automatic production lines with are built with abilities of saving energy and environmental protection.

  With advanced equipment and 710 technical personnel, the Group has strong ability of research and development in new products.

  We cordially welcome colleges, scientific research laboratories, engineering design laboratories and all friends at home and abroad to join us and make mutual development and build a bright future.

Add: 39 Wenfeng Road, Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China P.C.: 225009
Tel: +86-514-87568858  Fax: +86-514-87812900

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